The beautiful and extraordinarily talented, patient and determined Ashley Koser allowed me to transform her into this wild creature in a recent collaboration with my bohemian red-headed mentor, Christyl O'Flaherty. Whenever Christyl and I team up, weird and awesome things happen! This image won an Award of Merit from PPSDC on May 8, 2018 in the Digital Imaging category. 

Photo & Edit: Chelsea Starling | Model: Ashley Koser | MUAH & styling: Chelsea Starling | Location: Muse Factory Studio 




Gentle Descent

This image was created after a quick five minute photoshoot at a workshop with the crazy talented and super inspiring Brooke Shaden. I learned from Brooke that it doesn't take a bunch of expensive equipment or lighting to get the shot, as long as there's a good story. 

Photo & Edit: Chelsea Starling | Models: Jordyn & Jake 




It's no secret that I love mermaids. These two shots are from my first shoot ever with one of my most beloved and ridiculously talented mentors, Regina Wamba, who taught me how to play with shadows and find the light. And to not be afraid of my camera.  



Photos & Edits: Chelsea Starling | Model: Laura Duvall  |  MUA: Chelsea Starling | Tail: Finfolk Productions | Location: Shark Fin Cove, CA | Shot: July, 2017